Candice Night and MagiQuest

Some videos and photos of Candice Night as the pricess of the MagiQuest

Princess Candice of MagiQuest

Candice Night at Making of MagiQuest


As Princess Candice

As Princess Amora

Blackmore’s Night – Way To Mandalay – Medieval Salt Mine at Wieliczka

Scenes from Way to Mandalay were recorded at the Medieval Salt Mine in Wieliczka, Poland. The mine is the oldest of their type in the world and it’s been included on Unesco’s World Heritage List since September 9, 1978.

Unesco website:
Mine Website:

Follow photos of Mina and below the video of Way to Mandalay.


Candice and Ritchie – 27 Years together

Candice Night: 27 years ago today I met the man of my dreams on a soccer field. I never would have imagined life would take us on such a journey. What a ride, what a life, I love you Ritchie…



And happy anniversary for both of you!! …A journey that touched many others lives… Thanks always for the inspiration!!!