Scientific Computer

Scientific Computing magazine lists Winter Carols as a nessessity in the gift guide for your favorite scientist!


To wind up this eclectic musical mix, I’d also suggest some new releases from the group Blackmore’s Night, headed by former Deep Purple and Rainbow guitarist Richie Blackmore. The first of these is The Village Lanterne (Steamhammer Us [Spv], SPV 99702, $17.98/Blackmore’s Night Web site: $13+SHD), displaying their unique blend of what has come to be known as ‘renaissance rock,’ they cover the gamut of emotions in the 17 songs included on this CD. Of particular interest to Rainbow fans is the alternate version of the song “Street of Dreams,” which features the original Rainbow vocalist Joe Lynn Turner. The second release brings us back to where we started, with another set of holiday music, their Winter Carols (AFM Records GmbH, LM 377, $15.98/Blackmore’s Night Web site: $13+SHD). This CD contains Blackmore’s Night’s take on 12, some their own composition, most with a traditional melody going back over 400 years. As Candice Night says, “The holiday season has always embodied joy, love, peace, togetherness.” What better way to celebrate it than with these unique arrangements, which include a number of period instruments? The energy and enthusiasms of “Simple Gifts/Lord of the Dance” make this song a standout.



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