Tour Dates 2007


Wednesday, June 6, Reykjavik, Iceland

Sunday, June 10, Glenrothes, (Fife) Scotland
Tuesday, June 12, York, England
Thursday, June 14, Reading, England
Sunday, June 17, Birmingham, England
Tuesday, June 19, Yeovil, England
Wednesday, June 20, Cardiff, Wales
Saturday, June 23, Brighton, England

And then, off to Mainland Europe

(Please note; the actual gig venues will be confirmed soon. There are no
details of tickets or prices at the moment. They will be announced soon.)


3 thoughts on “Tour Dates 2007

  1. Good Mornig Goran!

    I´m just a fan like you and this is my fanpage to Candice Night! This is a Fanlisting website!
    So I don´t know all the schedule plans of Blackmore´s Night, I just hope that they play in my country and in all fan countries around the world! But its difficult because a lot of things must happen like a good promoter to the concerts, more concert dates in a same territory, so we just need to wait for this magic happen!
    Thank you for the question, if you wanna do this question directly to Candice Night, she can answer in

    Elen Cristina

  2. Yeah, I got my ticket for the October 10th show in York, PA at The Capital Theater Can’t wait for tomorrow night. I’ll probably be posting a review as well as links to new photos if I can manage to work out having my camera there.

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