Spoutwood Faerie Festival

CANDICE NIGHT at the Spoutwood Faerie festival (Sunday 6th May)




The Festival takes place on the 4th, 5th and 6th May but CANDICE WILL ONLY BE PRESENT ON SUNDAY 6th, when she will be crowned Queen of the Faeries. (This event is not a Blackmores Night gig, as such).

By: Mike Garret  – Ritchie Blackmore Fans In Lincolnshire 😉


5 thoughts on “Spoutwood Faerie Festival

  1. I wish I lived there…
    Someday I’ll go to a Medieval Festival…
    And no one’s better for a Queen than our queen *-*

  2. She ia a beautiful queen and so kind. The kids around the stage sang with her and then she brought them on stage to sing with her! The maypole dance was next…they had to keep stopping the dance and Candice was such a good sport. She sang the beginning of Under a Violet Moon three times because the dancers couln’t get the dance right!It was a lot of fun.The cover of the Faerie Queen Magazine was on display, and she looked beautiful on it. Well done! Happy Birthday Candice!

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