Something to share…

Some fans send me so cute emails talking about Candice Night, so I wanna share with all!


I was only recently exposed to the music of Blackmore’s Night – and I fell in love – Candice reminds me greatly of Judie Tzuke and I am looking forward to seeing the group this 18/10/07 at the House of Blues in Chicago, IL –  The song “It Really Doesn’t Matter Anymore” is a great favorite especially since my S.O. grew up near Resurrection Cemetery.

And the fact that Candice and her husband support animals is a Huge Plus – the love of my life is a 13 year old Seal Point Siamese named Isis “Babe” Paley-Huff – aka “The Dark Goddess or Mistress of the Starry Night”  Her companion and the other main squeeze is a 12 year old Platinum Burmese named Benjamin Jeffrey Wilson aka Ben-Ben or Bennifer.

Finding the Blackmore’s Night has added a huge plus in my life – making getting through a bad time a great deal easier.

Lisa Huff


One thought on “Something to share…

  1. I discovered Candice Night when I searched you tube for HELLOWEEN.After hearing that song I then searched for more songs featuring Candice. Thats when I found Blakmores Night. I can not begin to describe what an effect that song had on me. I am a disabled polce officer and after having gone thru a heart attack and stroke all before the age of 33, the music of Blackmores Night has really helped me heal. The joy of watching my little boy dance to thier songs gives me a renewed view. I find the voice of Candice to be as beautiful and hypnotic as she is. It has been a long time since I discovered music that made me feel alive. Thank you Candice and in some ways to Helloween for introducing really my whole family to Candice Night.

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