Set List: Sweden 1 June 2008

Sweden 1 June 2008 – Gothenburg

Locked within the crystal ball
Queen for a day
Under a violet moon
Soldier of fortune
Durch den Wald zum Bach Hause
Diamonds & Rust
World of stone
Minstrel Hall
Toast to tomorrow
Where are we going from here
Home again
I Still remember you
First of May
Renaissance Fair
Fires at midnight
Clock ticks on
Wish you were here
Ocean gypsy
Since you been gone
Broken window
Midwinters dream
Dandelion wine
Now & then

A fantastic show, the played for approximate 2 hrs and 40 minutes.
The band was in great mood and Ritchie smiled several times and exchanged funny stories with the band. Candice almost convinced Ritchie to use her mic and he was very close to do so. They did an absolute strong and fierce Ariel. Probably the best version I’ve heard. Ritchie did the usual beer hand out. Thanks needed that, the theatre was extremely hot. Yes, we’re having a really hot summer in Sweden. The audience was great, really involved with the show. When Ritchie played quiet guitar parts you could hear a pin drop and as you all know this spurs the man to do some amazing solos. And yes,
Malcolm is still in the band. I told him that someone on the net was claiming to be the new drummer. He was very surprised by that. Nur Eine Minute (and some others I believe) was also played, a revised set list and full review with photos will be at the site soon.

Best regards,

Paul Deblond
Blackmore’s Night Official Scandinavian Fan Club

Thank you Paul Deblond :)))

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