Set List: Sweden 3 June 2008

Sweden 3 June 2008 – Stockholm

God Save The Keg (intro)
Locked Within The Crystal Ball
Queen For A Day
Under A Violet Moon
Soldier Of Fortune
Durch Den Wald Zum Bach Haus
Diamonds & Rust
World Of Stone
Toast To Tomorrow
Home Again
Minstrel Hall
Wind In The Willows
I Still Remember
First Of May
Renaissance Fair
Fires At Midnight
First Of May
The Times They Are a Changin’
Clock Ticks On
Village Lanterne
Midwinters Dream
Dandelion Wine
Lili Marlene

Hi all, back at work after my trip to Sweden. Great show, almost 2 and a half hours long and the band was in fine form. Ritchie’s ‘Spice-up-the-Joan-Baez-story-by-saying-she-was-naked’ remark was classic and caused my sides to ache and eyes to water…

All in all great performances by all band members. Gypsy Rose worked really well adding some great vocal assistance and violin parts. I hope they use her multi-instrumentalism to bring back some of the ‘older’ classics that have been away from the setlist for too long. Faerie Queen,anyone?

Roll on Germany!
Cheers, Richard Beatty
The UK Blackmore´s Night Street Team

Many Thanks Richard Beatty ;)))


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