Set List: Russia 11 June 2008

Russia 11 June 2008 – St. Petersburg

Here I will post some photos and a little review of the concert, comented by Carole Stevens. I just want to make a point, Candice is a very bright person her photos are really Wonderful, and Blackmore´s Night is a brave band that really respect the fans and their dreams to see excellent performances, no matter if it´s a rainy day, if somebody becomes ill, if there´s a storm outside. Because the Music always resists, Music brings us peace, brings us cure, brings us union! All my congratulations to the band!!!

Comments by Carole Stevens (Blackmore Productions):

“One of our band members was extremely ill and in the hospital clinic for hours prior to the show and went to the show, right from emergency treatment. We did not expect to even be able to have a show that night. That is why they had to stop a little early; still playing close to two hours The sold out audience was fantastic even waiting outside for hours to applaud the group when they left the venue.”

Set List:

God Save The Keg (intro)
Locked Within The Crystal Ball
Queen For A Day
Under A Violet Moon
Soldier Of Fortune
Durch dem Wald zum Bach Haus
World Of Stone
Home Again
I Still Remember You
Toast To Tomorrow
Minstrel Hall
Renaissance Faire

Black Night
Smoke On The Water

For more Photos:

Photos of the show
Click Here

Some photos before & after show
Click Here

Candice Night Russian Pages

Thank you to Ekaterina “CJ_Pesch” from Russia!


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