They Married!!


Married on 5th October 2008!

From: Candice Night
Date: Oct 6, 2008 8:05 AM

As of 4:48 pm on Oct. 5, 2008 Candice Lauren And Richard Hugh were pronounced Husband and Wife. It was a small gathering of friends and family, the party just ended at 2:30 am we’ll have photos available shortly, but remember folks you heard it here first!!!!!!!! We congratulate the both of them and wish them nothing less then Happiness, Health and Love.

Message from Candice Night myspace page:

Congrats to the most Brilliant Couple of the World!!!


3 thoughts on “They Married!!

  1. Words cannot express how much I love you both, Ritchie I have loved you before Candice was born, I touched you both in SF you are both still burning on my skin I touched a god and an angel, dont know what took you so long, I mailed Aug. pic of Candice to a friend, he said anyone doing that at 62 must have $, he informed further he said, I meant a mortal man, I would have married her the moment I saw her, but then I am only a mortal. Congratualations, I love you both so much. You are part of every day of my life. I love you more because you love each other.

  2. yes thomas, one lie can´t resist for almost 20 years.
    they always have bright in their eyes!
    soft expressions
    and stunning music!
    all signs that their love happened to lasts forever 🙂

  3. Hello Elen,

    As I am happy to this marriage of Our fairy Candice and our king Ritchie. I was very moved when I have apris that on the site of Blackmore’s Night. They deserve all this happiness and the mom of Candice was very happy also.
    I want that they know both of them that I like them of all my heart since the beginning and that thanks to them my life changed.

    Thank you for this magnificent gift of love.

    Peace and love to you.

    Jean of Paris.

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