Candice and Ritchie Wedding


Once upon a Time a Princess Called Candice Night

Once upon a Time a Prince Called Ritchie Blackmore

They met at a soccer game and since then they are spreading magic with expressions of love and beauty in music and lifestyle.

We fans of Candice Night congrats her for being this beautiful creature in this world, the person who just show us BEAUTY and LIGHT.

My comments about the photos of their marriage in the and

Candice Night IS a fairy with her dress, a princess, a Lady, Royalty with Softness. I have no words to explain how I feel happy with all the good things she is showing to us, since always a smile in her face, her love to the nature, she cares about our crazy modern lives, she cares about all of us, she always sing with passion, she is a guide to the girls, cause she leads her life without loose her softness, her Lady’s ways… oh I really Love the person she is!

Her bridesmaid was so beautiful, those colors and smiles… all of them were happy for their dearest Candy great day!

Ritchie Blackmore will smile forever since that soccer game… Ritchie is a complete man, I think he is a magic man who lead his life and makes all his dreams come true, congrats Mr. Ritchie, you are an example of a man, who leads your own life and doesn’t care what the other people say… And you are making your Candice very happy, all of us, her fans can see it everytime in her smile! :)))

Then, about her mother Carole: Carole, you make a good job with the education of your daughter and I saw a few photos of the wedding that you appeared and your expression of a happy mother, touched by the happiness of your Candice, I can say to you, my mother is a star in the sky, but I can see in your face what I could see in my mother´s face when my time to marry finding the right person arrive… I know my mother is happy too about your happiness and other mothers happiness in this world. Congrats for be this example of mother. I wanna give you a big hug someday, I will love feel you hug of mother!!! :)))

Congrats to all of people who work in this great party, designers of things and dreams 🙂


15 thoughts on “Candice and Ritchie Wedding

  1. Good evening Elen

    Wahoo! What they are beautiful all the two! What of emotion while looking at these photos.
    My mother and me one the love and they are a little our family. As one would like the views actually! Candice is our queen of the fairies and Ritchie our king.
    One wishes to them the whole happiness of the world.
    And that one can listen their wonderful music and songs very a long time.
    Thank you for all this love that they give us.

    Big kisses to you my friend.


  2. Querida Cristina, tu pagina sigue hermosa, siempre la visito… aunque ya no tanto tiempo como antes para escribir, ademas mi pagina me la cerraron :(.
    FELICIDADES A NUESTRA NUEVA REALEZA! y espero que algun dia vengan a latinoamerica específicamente Chile, he esperado mucho un concierto de ellos, desde los 15 años.. y actualmente tengo 22, un beso enorme y abrazo..

    con amor.

    Betza (Lady Beth)

  3. Elena, What a wonderful tribute to a beautiful fairy tale come true!

    I’m not one for surfing the web, and only recently encountered this page and the official Blackmore’s Night page. A few years ago I discovered Blackmore’s Night music, and have been enchanted by it ever since. From just a musical perspective with Blackmore’s Night, I have always felt so much love and feeling in Ritchie’s playing, So much more than in his pervious bands. With Candice’s magical voice, what a perfect combination!. I can’t even think of the right word to describe it. Perhaps serene magical perfection, but much more than that. After learning of Ritchie’s and Candice’s marriage, I can only think fairy tales actually do come true. I’m a struggling guitarist and Blackmores Night inspires me to no end!

  4. I’ve just recently discovered Blackmore’s Night….What can one say but Majik is in the air!
    Ritchie and Candice…. sensational work…. And Richie, hang on to that lady Guenivere… she should be queen for a lifetime!
    Here in Australia it is a little difficult to aquire your work, so thank god for for the net.
    Never stop the music… Its pure Majik!

  5. i followed richie musically from the 60ies till now, he has always been my guitar hero and in 1974 i had the great honour to meet him backstage during a DP soundcheck in graz/austria when i was 17.
    now we grew a bit older and,richie, you´ve not always done the best
    guitar work, now you also have the most beautiful girl !! welldone, congratulations, to both of you.
    i love blachmores night today, as i loved DP and rainbow in the past.
    still going strong !!
    greetings – love – peter

  6. Ritchie, your music has inspired me (as a struggling guitarist) for over 40 years now. Not only does it make me happy to listen to everything you have played over the years, but (Machine Head) was the second album I ever purchased as a kid. From there, I followed your music and career until present. We too got married last year and used some of your music for the festivities as we both love what you and Candice do. Thanks!….You two look very happy together and I must say that you both deserve it. Incredible!
    P.S. I would have played at your wedding in lieue of you playing at mine!!! 🙂

  7. Hi Guys,

    I’m just a fan and I’m glad you both are living very happy lives. You’re an inspiration for folks that don’t know how. It’s easier said than done. I am a writer and poet and actor blah blah. I write song lyrics also that run emotionally deep. Just stuff for local bands. I’d love to take a crack at writing one for you. If you have any interest in my poetry, please go to and look up Barry Hemmerle. “GOODBYE” just won me an award. And thank you so much for the autographed pic. Have a wonderful 2009..Barry H.

  8. Hi everyone!
    Ritchie I wait for your heavybluesy record.
    Blackmore’s Night music is great. Please edit first two records on vinyl !!
    Happy New Year!

  9. Just to say good luck for 2009 have just reached 25 years with my princess ,hope you have the same .oh! by the way when are blackmores nights returning to the uk? as we were at the brighton gig and need more of the same

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