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Candice Night is the vocalist with Blackmore’s Night, the band that Rainbow and Deep Purple guitarist Richie Blackmore formed after he dissolved Rainbow. This is Ms Night’s debut solo album, and the press sheet that came with the CD describes Ms Night’s voice as a mixture of Karen Carpenter and Stevie Nicks. Well, that may be true but I think that I prefer to describe Ms Night’s voice sounding like Candice Night. I don’t really hear Stevie Nicks’s ‘witchy’ warble there or the ultra smoothness of the late saintly Karen.

The truth is that Ms Night has a wonderfully rounded voice all of her own, it is wildly romantic, ethereal, a little gutsy and extremely distinctive in its own right. Reflections contains ten tracks, mostly soft rock ballads, some have a bit more bite, and some have a vaguely baroque sound, hinting to her day job with Richie Blackmore. I would liken Ms Night’s voice more to that of perhaps Faith Hill or Tarja – it’s very dramatic and for all the right reasons. The ten track titles are: Wind Is Calling (Hush The Wind), Gone Gone Gone, Black Roses, Now And Then, Dangerous Smile, For You, Call It Love, Robin Red Breast, Alone With Fate, In Time.

I think that Ms Night has written all the songs and they tend to reflect her persona – romance and relationships are the main themes, and she sells each song with conviction. Reflections is a very fine album, rich with good tunes and that mellifluous voice. Many of the songs deserve to be played on the radio here in the UK but I don’t suppose the programmers will bother – their musical vision is so narrow. Well, it’s their loss – and yours – so check Reflections out on Amazon or iTunes and find a new voice to embrace. Highly recommended.

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