Music | Dangerous Smile


~ Dangerous Smile

I know she waits in silence
In the corner of her room
She sends out a life line
To the moon and she smiles
Her dangerous smile

She was the one who never, ever asked for much
Got all the love she needed, from a strangers touch when she smiled
Her dangerous smile

And the night goes on forever when you
Feel so all alone
With no familiar strangers to remind you of your home
The day can pass so quickly when the night is not your friend
and she’s wondering where it will end…
Where are all the answers, questions everywhere
She’s come to believe that nothing’s really fair,
so she’ll smile, her dangerous smile…

What lies ahead, hanging by a thread she knows, things always change
What lies ahead, she’ll hide a while behind her dangerous smile…

Now shes a silhouette on the window sill
But nothing feels the same, it never will
so she’ll smile that dangerous smile…


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