Candice Night Fanlisting.


“You think I’m strange because I’m different, I think you’re strange because you’re all the same.”

by Candice Night

A fanlisting is a place for fans of a particular show, movie, actor/actress, singer, etc. To come together and build the biggest listing of people from all around the world who are fans of that subject.

This Fanlisting is a gift to the fairy singer and songwriter Candice Night! You may have heard her voice and lyrics in the Rainbow’s album Stranger In Us All or in the lovely songs of Blackmore’s Night! She is the Princess Candice and Princess Amora, both are characters from the MagiQuest Park.

She is married to her partner in life and music Ritchie Blackmore, and she is mother of Autumn Esmerelda and Rory Dartanyan.

Discography with Blackmore’s Night

Shadow of the Moon (1997)
Under a Violet Moon (1999)
Fires at Midnight (2001)
Minstrels and Ballads (2001) (Only Japan)
Ghost of a Rose (2003)
Beyond the Sunset: The Romantic Collection (2004)
The Village Lanterne (2006)
Winter Carols (2006)
Secret Voyage (2008)
Autumn Sky (2010)
The Beginning – Velvet Box CD/DVD (2012)
Dancer and The Moon (2013)
Winter Carols Remastered Version (2013)
All Our Yesterdays (2015)

Discography – Solo

Alone With Fate / Call It Love (2002)
Reflections (2011)
Starlight Starbright (2015)

Discography – Guest & Collaboration

Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow – Stranger In Us All (1995)
Twang! – A Tribute to Hank Marvin & the Shadows (1996)
Mystera Vol. VII (2001)
Miroque Vol. VII (2001)
Fairies, Elves & Angels Vol.2 (2001)
Infinity – Beto Vasquez (2001)
Aina – Days of Rising Doom (2003)
Mystic Spirits Vol. 11 (2004)
Mystic Spirits Special Classic Edition Vol. 3 (2004)
Burg-Hits (2005)
Bittersweet (2005)
The Music Of MagiQuest (2005)
Helloween – Light The Universe (2006)
Chantal – Das Schiff meiner Traume (2011)
Willian Shatner (2011)
Carl Asch – Songs of the Open Road (2012)


VHS – Live Germany during Blackmore’s Night’s first Shadow of the Moon castle tour (1997-1998)
VHS – Live from the Under A Violet Moon Castle Tour in Germany (2000)
DVD Castles and Dreams (2005)
DVD Paris Moon (2007)
DVD A Knight in York (2012)
DVD The Beginning – Velvet Box CD/DVD (2012)
DVD The Ritchie Blackmore Story (2015)
DVD Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow “Memories in Rock” (2016)