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It is sometimes said that success usually comes to those who are too busy looking for it. And Candice Night has certainly been very busy lately, which partially explains why year after year the interest in what she does has been increasing. The other reason why her projects attract growing attention is the conviction she puts behind everything she does, as well as her constant desire to explore the widest variety of creative opportunities. A singer, multi-instrumentalist, lyricist, as well a bandmate and a partner to one of the most influential contemporary guitarists, Candice has now decided to channel her creativity into starring in a horror film. Her interest in all things enigmatic and magical has been well-documented, but this time Crusher found out that Candice has also always had an interest in acting, as well as the genre of psychological horror. And her role alongside Geoff Tate in the upcoming horror movie House of Eternity, which is now in production and is due out later on this year, seems to be a perfect way to combine both. The film, her solo CD, as well as the next Blackmore’s Night album scheduled to be released this summer, were some of the other news Candice shared with Crusher this week. We were only left to wonder how she manages to fit all of her new pursuits around being in Blackmore’s Night. But to quote William Faulkner, “An artist is a creature driven by demons. He doesn’t know why they choose him and he’s usually too busy to wonder why.” Substitute demons by muses, and “he” by “she”, and you will get a close enough picture of what it must feel like to be in Candice Night’s shoes these days.

House of Eternity is the first feature film you will be working on. What made you decide to start working on a film? Was this a new found interest, or something you’ve always wanted to do?

CANDICE NIGHT: I definitely have acting in my blood. I was enrolled in acting classes at the age of 4 and always found it easier to become someone else for a little while and find a bit of that person within myself. When I got involved with writing songs, I would utilize the same technique in writing the lyrics. I would slip into a character, but make sure that character had a parallel to my life I could emote through the words as well. Being offered a part in this movie was certainly a wonderful surprise for me.

Why did you choose to do a horror film for your first movie? Do you have an interest in that genre?

CN: When reading, I am a big fan of the psychological horror genre. John Saul is my favorite author. In movies, its sometimes difficult to really have that balance of affecting you psychologically and not having it be all about gore, blood and guts. In the screenplay I found so many different aspects of these characters within the film. There is true, deep and neverending love, romance, a real storyline, some comedy thrown in. It also had its roots in the true history of what was happening at that time period to add the validity to the story. So it appealed to me on many different levels.

Horror movies and rock music tend to be a good fit. You will also be providing music for House of Eternity’s soundtrack. How did that come about?

CN: I had met one of the producers of the film while doing an interview for VH1 years ago. So he was familiar with the music we do as Blackmore’s Night and was a fan of our genre which infuses rock with renaissance music. When I did my screen test with them I happened to have some sound samples of my solo project in the car. I played it for them and they loved it. It is more about mystery and magic than straight out rock music so it fits into the movie very well.

Can you tell me a little bit about the movie’s plot / background?

CN: Its basically about a woman who vanishes into the North Carolina woods without a trace, and the search party led by her husband quickly discovers that this forest is swarming with supernatural activity. Her husband, brother and a good samaritan face dark forces far beyond their comprehension. My character, Emily, is an important part of Alder Grayon’s (Geoff’s) past. Both of them become embroiled in the paranoia of the post witch trials.

You will be co-starring with Geoff Tate of Queensryche. How does it feel to know you will be working with him? Do you know Geoff personally?

CN: I knew, as soon as they mentioned his name, that he would be perfect for the role they gave him. He has such an intensity and that vibe is exactly what the role calls for. I don’t know him personally, though I lived on nothing but Operation Mindcrime for about twoyears, so I am a big fan and am looking forward to working with him.

Also, Blackmore’s Night’s live DVD, Paris Moon, was released in November of 2007. So far, the reviews have been great. How do you feel about the way the DVD turned out?

CN: We were really pleased with the final product. Two years prior we had released Castles and Dreams, which was a double DVD set, and that showed the band in our usual surroundings: a 12th Century castle in Germany. We had a great time that night and played for over 3 hours. But the record company said that we had to cut about 1 hour’s worth of music out of the DVD because there wasn’t enough room on it to include everything. Now with Paris Moon, we performed in a theater, the famous Olympia in Paris, so you can see the inside show which includes the projection screens behind us- things you can’t do at an outdoor venue like a castle. And we were able to include a lot of the songs that we had to cut from Castles and Dreams as well as new songs from Village Lanterne. So if you watch them back to back you get to see what a complete set list is like for our band!

I see that Blackmore’s Night will be releasing a new album soon. What details can you give me about your latest piece of work?

CN: Yes, we have a couple of cover songs on this CD, one of which the fans have been requesting us do for a very long time. It is a song from Ritchie’s past; from the Rainbow days. There are 13 tracks on the CD, some all out rock, some heartbreakingly beautiful ballads, and some fun ones to sing along to. We are proud of all of them; I think it will be our strongest CD to date. We are looking at an early summer release date.

What else are you currently working on?

CN: I have also finished 10 tracks for a solo CD which I’ll be putting out at the end of the year or maybe next year early so as not to coincide with the Blackmore’s Night releases. And of course my Princess Candice and Princess Amora characters in all the Magiquest interactive theme parks across the USA, in participating Great Wolf Lodges and now internationally continue to grow throughout the upcoming year. We are also working on a cooperation with PETA for this year as we have done with WWF, ASPCA and so many other animal charities in the past.

Is there anything you would like to add?

CN: Just that this will be a very busy year for Blackmore’s Night and for myself as well. Which is the way I like it! We start touring in May, the first dates are in Poland and Russia, and I’m sure there will be other exciting new surprises throughout the year so people should check and

Candice Night Interview – Paul Franks

Candice Night will be interviewed by the West Midlands DJ Paul Franks, on Monday 11th June.

UK Street Team member Dave Basso has explained, that the interview slot will be between 6pm and 7pm (UK time). There is likely to be BN tracks played, Candice interview segments plus bits of local travel and weather announcements, mixed in with it, too.

Please listen from 6pm onwards.

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Candice Night on BBC Radio


Saturday Night June 2- 11 PM British time- 6PM Eastern Standard Time-(New York time-)

Candice Night will be Ben Turner’s guest on his radio program on BBC West Midlands .
Also in 95.6 FM and DAB Digital radio Tune in as Candice answers the questions BN fans have submitted to Ben.

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Candice Night on the radio in England:


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BBC West Midlands on Saturday Dec 16, at 11pm.

DJ Ben Turner said: “Tell the fans to tune in at 11pm (UK time), as I hope to start talking to Candice at around 11.10pm onwards. I hope to do at least 30 minutes, maybe more. The interview will discuss WINTER CAROLS but I hope to cover the back catalogue of BLACKMORES NIGHT albums as well.”

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