Be Welcome Rory Dartanyan!

Rory means “Red King” (in irish and gaelic, as we found at meanings of names) and Dartanyan is a musketeer! Rory Dartanyan was born in February 7th and he is the new member of the Blackmore family. Together with his sister Autumn Esmerelda, Rory came to spread the magic of his mom Candice Night and dad Ritchie Blackmore.

Candice Night as a proud mom of Autumn and Rory said:
“As I speak of miracles, I feel it is now a good time to let you all in on a secret. An absolute miracle that we experienced a few months ago. On February 7th of this year, Ritchie and I welcomed a beautiful baby boy to this world. His name is Rory Dartanyan and he is such an incredibly sweet spirit! His sister is so excited to have a little brother and our family is now complete. 2 adults, 2 children and 2 cats. A full house! And of course, in celebration, music is filling the air…. So, yes, we now have our little gypsy girl with Autumn Esmerelda and our very own musketeer in Rory Dartanyan…”

A sweet video made by Laura Windmills:


Our Big Family of Candice Night fans world wide
wish all the happiness, light and love to the family
and the little prince of the silver mountain: Rory Dartanyan!

9 thoughts on “Be Welcome Rory Dartanyan!

    1. Wow, I’m shocked to just learn this news but longtime Deep Purple/Rainbow and newer Blackmore’s Night fan here is happy for you both and the kiddos are adorable. Would you folks make it over to the west coast so we can see you… pretty please?

      1. Yes, Please come to the West Coast so we can see you too!! I’m so happy for the 4 of you, well the cats so all 6 of you now. ❤ Love and light ❤

  1. Yes, I’ve been waiting for a California show!! I absolutely LOVE your work. Also, wasn’t the Musketeer’s name spelled D’artagnan? Guess it’s not that important though. Congrats, it’s a beautiful child for a beautiful family.

  2. I can’t even find words for how happy I am for you. May sparkling, warm, effervesient light drench you all! Thank you for sharing the pictures. Kristi

  3. Congratulations Candice and Ritchie, on the birth of Rory, a perfect compliment to finish and complete your family, may the ribbon of love keep you all tied harmoniously together. ♥


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